Empower and Protect Every Step of the Digitally Notarized Agreement Lifecycle

May 18 OS Notary Webinar Tile

Recorded on: May 18, 2023


  • Dilani Silva, Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Raquel Lima, Senior Product Manager

Businesses across industries face huge pressure to modernize and complete agreements digitally – notarizations are no exception. With over 1.25 billion documents notarized in the U.S. each year, accelerated digital transformation for notarization presents a major opportunity for organizations to meet and exceed rising customer expectations.

In this webinar, a duo of digital transformation experts from OneSpan cover the benefits of modernizing the traditional notarization process to deliver a convenient, secure and compliant online notarization experience. By leveraging technologies that seamlessly facilitate remote online notarizations between notaries and signers, notaries will be able to verify the identity of signers using two-factor authentication, collect electronic signatures, and easily notarize agreements all in a secure and trusted environment.

Key takeaways include:

  • The challenges of traditional in-person notarizations and the drive to digitize these processes
  • The importance of meeting compliance requirements for Remote Online Notarization (RON)
  • How digital solutions can transform the notarization process for in-house notary departments
  • Demo: how to complete a remote online notarization