MoneyLIVE interview with Frederik Mennes - PSD3 and key EU banking legislation in 2024

OneSpan’s Director of Product Management shares key updates on upcoming regulations, including PSD3, NIS2, and DORA.


Frederik Mennes, Director of Product Management and Business Strategy at OneSpan, shared insights on upcoming banking regulations in Europe and their implication for financial services companies. Learn about:

  • PSD3 and its implications for strong customer authentication requirements.
  • Why the upcoming Payments Service Regulation (PSR) will require financial institutions to offer to use inclusive strong customer authentication methods that cater to the needs of their entire customer base.
  • Cybersecurity security, management, and reporting requirements for enterprise organizations under NIS2 and DORA.
  • How upcoming regulations impact workplace security and employee authentication.
Europe’s​​​ ​​Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA): Strong authentication requirements for financial institution​ employee​s
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Europe’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

Learn about the strong authentication requirements for financial institution employees under the EU’s upcoming DORA regulation.

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