Global Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities Report: The State of Mobile App Repackaging

Promon App Security

When Promon Research tested 384 of the world’s most popular finance apps, they found that over 60% were vulnerable to repackaging attacks—across banking, crypto, payments, financial services, and more. 

Repackaging attacks inject code into an app, or modify an application’s existing code and then repackage it into an application that can execute. They’re a fundamental starting point to removing existing in-app security, providing easy access to reverse engineering of any proprietary code and intellectual property.  

Find out which types of apps were most susceptible—and what industry benchmarks you should use to assess your own level of app protection. 

What you’ll learn:  

  • Why major app stores cannot fully defend users from repackaging attacks. 
  • Which types of finance apps were most susceptible to attacks. 
  • Steps you can take to protect your apps and reduce risk.  

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