Tips on Driving E-Signature Adoption in Your Independent Agent Channel


Recorded On: Sep 12, 2017


  • Andy Jordan, SVP, Corporate Marketing - GAINSCO Auto Insurance
  • Andrea Masterton, Director, Corporate Marketing - OneSpan

Using e-signatures can streamline key processes, but many questions remain for insurers about how to use them to properly maximize ROI and how to ensure your agents will be open to changing the way they do business. First-hand experience describing previous success and how to overcome challenges can help your organization move forward. GAINSCO Auto Insurance added e-signatures to its new policy sales process two years ago to reduce risk within its independent agent channel. It’s been so successful that now they are looking for ways to expand the program.

Watch this webcast to hear practical advice from GAINSCO on how to achieve maximum usage and ROI of an e-signature platform. Specifically, the webcast will detail:

  • Adoption benchmarks
  • What factors determine opt-in rates
  • Best practices for driving high adoption
  • Designing an optimal e-signature workflow
  • Change management considerations