Balancing CX and security to restore trust in omnichannel customer conversations

OneSpan’s Field CTO delivers a keynote about improving the ease and security of digital customer conversations.

 In his presentation at the Smart Communications INNOVATE conference, OneSpan’s Field CTO, Will LaSala, talks about improving the digital experiences between businesses and customers. The faster and easier those experiences are, the higher the likelihood that customers will complete those transactions – rather than abandon in favor of a competitor.

When businesses think about improving digital conversations, digital data capture, and digital agreements, enhancing security and trust is not usually the highest priority. In fact, in a recent poll, 67% of organizations indicated they thought their customers valued ease of use over data protection.

But security is no longer about introducing hurdles. The key is to think differently about the two – rather than see them as opposing forces in a tug of war, bring them together. “If you’re implementing customer experience and security correctly, you are earning the customer’s trust,” he says.

Trust is the key to everything. To illustrate his point, Will LaSala tells the shocking story of an elderly couple in Georgia that fell victim to mortgage deed fraud. Whether the mortgage deed is signed with an ink signature or an electronic signature, if that document is not properly secured and protected, it can be fraudulently taken over by a criminal hacker and sold to an unsuspecting buyer – putting the legitimate owner at risk of being evicted.

With stories like these becoming more common, it’s no surprise that 72% of Americans worry they will become a victim of identity theft – or any of the many other forms of fraud.

There are straightforward, easy solutions like digital identity verification that are integrated into smart forms and eSignature solutions. To hear more about security measures like these and the best practices that businesses should build into their digital customer conversations and transactions, watch this video.