OneSpan Notary

Meet rising demand for the shift to digital notarization with OneSpan Notary.

Meet rising demand for the shift to digital notarization with OneSpan Notary.

Traditional paper-based notarization processes are slow to complete, inconvenient, and vulnerable to errors and fraud.

As a result, organizations that value security are transitioning to secure online notarization. That’s why we created OneSpan Notary - a fast and convenient way to get documents notarized in a secure video-based environment.

Here's how it works in three easy steps:

The notary starts up the transaction, adds signer details, prepares the document, schedules the online session, and sends an email invitation to the signer.

The notary then launches the secure video conferencing session. If the signer needs to be verified the notary can validate the signer's identity with ID Verification and Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) before they enter the room. Once the signer is verified, they can sign the document.

Finally, the notary adds their signature and eNotary seal.

Once the notarization is complete, both the signer and notary receive a digital copy of the notarized document. Notaries can also access electronic evidence of the end-to-end notarization process, such as the audiovisual recording, comprehensive audit trail, and eJournal.

OneSpan Notary was purpose built with notaries, for notaries, for use across all industries. This unique collaborative approach ensures the solution is secure, reliable, and refreshingly easy to use.

For these organizations, OneSpan Notary helps to protect their most valuable customer agreements, while also improving user experience, increasing efficiency, and meeting compliance requirements.

Each year OneSpan processes billions of transactions and hundreds of millions of digital agreements, for some of the most trusted and security-conscious organizations in the world.

OneSpan Notary - making online notarization processes easier, faster, and more secure than ever before. Contact our team for more information or to get started with OneSpan Notary today.

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Beginner's Guide to Remote Online Notarization

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