OneSpan Sign with ID Verification Overview

See how ID Verification can be used to validate a signer’s identity in OneSpan Sign.

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A connected signing and identification experience matters in today’s remote world. Many businesses and consumers sign  agreements online using e-signatures. For high-value agreements that are signed remotely, identity verification is an essential step in determining if the signer is who they claim to be.  

That’s why OneSpan Sign now includes ID Verification as a signer authentication method to help prove a signer’s identity before they gain access to critical contracts and agreements.   

By combining enhanced identity verification with electronic signatures, organizations can digitize a wide range of agreement processes - including account opening, consumer loans, and automobile financing.  

The process is simple – signers authenticate themselves  using an image of their government-issued ID and  a ‘selfie’, which is used for biometric comparison. After successfully being authenticated, signers can access the document to sign and complete the process digitally.  

Let’s see how it works in practice. The sender, such as a banker or insurance agent, simply creates a transaction in OneSpan Sign, adds the document and signer, and selects 'Document verification with facial comparison' for signer authentication.  

Once the document is sent for signing, it’s time for the signer to validate their identity. They select their ID document and country of issuance, and take a photo of their ID and a selfie using their mobile device.  

Facial comparison is then used to establish  that the person presenting the ID is the same individual whose portrait appears on the ID.  

After the signer has successfully verified their identity, they gain access to the document to sign.  

OneSpan Sign includes a comprehensive audit trail,  capturing details of the entire agreement process – from ID verification and authentication to e-signature. This provides a complete picture of the process with strong identity assurance to help demonstrate compliance.  

By using the ID Verification option in OneSpan Sign, organizations can establish trust and deliver a better digital experience to their customers, without the need for in-person visits and manual ID checks. Customers can transact digitally and sign high-value agreements from their home or office – while trusting that the process is both convenient and safe.   

Acquire more customers, improve the customer experience and get your documents signed in a secure manner with OneSpan Sign.  

Contact us today to start using ID verification with OneSpan Sign.  


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