Driving Security and Reducing Cost with Passwordless Authentication

Recorded on: 26 March 2024


  • Tony Morbin, Executive News Editor, ISMG
  • Frederik Mennes, Director, Product Management & Business Strategy, OneSpan
  • Sarah Van De Vyver, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan

Market trends (Rise in AI crime, growth in mobile device usage, MFA) and new legislation (NIS2, DORA) have raised the importance of providing the highest level of workforce authentication within many leading businesses. As hackers get more sophisticated, providing a secure, user friendly solution for employees is key to protecting your critical business infrastructure.

On March 26th OneSpan & ISMG will take a deep dive into the key drivers for businesses investing in strong workforce authentication solutions, looking at how FIDO2 has disrupted this space, and how cost reduction, productivity and employee satisfaction are key outcomes for businesses that are investing in these.

In this webinar you will learn more on:

  • New trends and regulation driving the pace of change in workplace authentication;
  • How FIDO2 has disrupted the authentication market;
  • What solutions are leading the way in workforce authentication;
  • How strong workplace authentication can actually increase efficiency and save your business money.