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Why the Time Is Right for Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Remote loan closing has become one of the most sought-after capabilities in mortgage lending. Indeed, many consumers are seeking alternatives to the traditional loan closing ceremony, with about half already indicating they would be comfortable conducting a virtual loan closing using remote online notarization (RON).  

While real estate lending will likely remain the most prominent use case for the technology, a wide variety of use cases are emerging for RON, with the requirement for security establishing itself as the common denominator. Indeed, there are tremendous opportunities for lenders and other users in automotive sales, estate planning, wealth, insurance, and health care.  

Download this Javelin white paper to learn how to identify a RON provider with mature technology capabilities, and the expertise to evolve as the regulatory environment changes. 

Download this white paper for key insights, including: 

  • The three transformative forces that are building momentum for RON 
  • The evolution of RON technology and workflows 
  • Where RON will have a significant impact 
  • A checklist for success with RON