Insurance's 2022 Imperative to Modernize Digital Customer Journeys

Webinar presentation title slide

Recorded on: January 26, 2022


  • Glenn Rothenberg, Principal, RedMountain Advisors
  • Mary Ellen Power, VP Marketing

The pandemic has pushed digital to the center of all customer interactions. But “digital-first” doesn’t equal “digital-only”. As consumer habits and preferences continue to evolve, it's important for insurers to understand how and when to inject digital into the customer experience, whether going fully digital or to enhance a human interaction. The digitally enhanced journey increases completion rates from initial interaction to completed e-signed documents and agreements such as issuing a new policy, settling a death claim, or making a beneficiary change.

In this webinar, industry experts review top digitization trends and technologies that are reshaping the digital insurance ecosystem.

Topics include:

  • Assessing your level of digital maturity and steps to modernize inefficient paper-based processes with smart digital forms and e-signatures
  • Defining “ease of use” for the customer, the carrier, and the advisor
  • Humanizing the B2B, B2B2C, and D2C experience with a blend of human and digital features to enable high-touch customer interactions
  • Security and compliance considerations for remote, customer-facing channels where the stakes are highest