2023 DIGIN | OneSpan Notary demo

Presented on: Tuesday, June 6, 2023.


- Will LaSala, Field CTO, Americas OneSpan

- Derek Hrabal, Account Executive, Digital Transformation & Technology Integrations Expert, OneSpan

Today’s customers are pushing businesses into the Web3 world and increasingly looking to complete agreements – even notarizations - digitally. With over 1 billion documents notarized in the U.S. each year, there is an opportunity for organizations to accelerate digital transformation for notarization to meet rising customer expectations for digital processes.    

 OneSpan Notary is a next-generation, all-in-one, cloud-connected solution that enables organizations to transform the way notaries and customers complete agreements and notarize documents in a secure and trusted environment. Unlike other industry solutions, OneSpan Notary was co-designed in collaboration with commissioned notaries across industries to ensure security and help achieve compliance with a streamlined user experience. This innovative solution provides a new level of flexibility, making it refreshingly easy for notaries and signers to transition from a cumbersome paper process to complete and trusted end-to-end notarization in the cloud.  

 This demo showcases:  

  • How notaries can successfully perform a Remote Online Notarization (RON) session using OneSpan Notary.  
  • How our solution’s guided workflows and cues with co-browsing capabilities help signers effortlessly e-sign agreements that require notarization.  
  • A walkthrough of how to access the electronic evidence to establish enforceability and authenticity for every remote online notarized agreement