How to Enhance the CX with Secure Digital Agreements and E-Signatures

OEM Webinar Nov 22


Recorded on: November 22, 2022


  • Mauro Franco, Regional Manager & Digital Integrations Expert
  • Haris Haidary, Solutions Engineer

The last 2 years have seen huge increases in digital agreements with consumer interactions spanning across multiple digital touchpoints. These digital behaviors are here to stay and the demand for e-signatures has intensified, but building these agreement automation capabilities from the ground up can be costly, time consuming, and labor-intensive. By equipping your existing systems with e-signature technology, organizations not only help create a seamless and white labelled experience for their customers, but they also create end-to-end digital workflows.

In this webinar, a duo of digital integration experts from OneSpan share best practices for filling the technology gap in your platforms by seamlessly embedding e-signature, ID verification and user and transaction authentication technology.

Highlights include:

  • A white-labeled digital workflow
  • How this creates a trusted experience with high adoption and completion rates
  • Deployment options and integration with existing systems
  • Adding ID verification and authentication to transactions requiring a high level of identity assurance
  • How to create personalized, high-touch, human-assisted interactions that improve the CX, increase completion rates and reduce security risks
  •  Success stories and ROI