Mobile App Security: Threats, Trends, and What Lies Ahead

OneSpan Field CTO Dan McLoughlin discusses the mobile application threat landscape – and what developers can do to secure their apps now.

OneSpan recently published the very timely OneSpan Global Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities Report - The State of Mobile App Repackaging, in collaboration with Promon Research. The research team tested 384 of the world’s most popular finance apps to assess vulnerability to repackaging attacks—across banking, crypto, payments, financial services, and more.  

Watch this interview with OneSpan Field CTO Dan McLoughlin, for a full discussion of the report’s findings, as well as important context and takeaways.

You’ll get answers to these questions and more:

  • Why prioritize mobile app security now? 
  • What can app developers do to secure their mobile apps? 
  • What current trends can help us understand what lies ahead,  5 or 10 years from now? 


OneSpan Global Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities Report
Analyst Report

OneSpan Global Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities Report

Find out which types of apps are most susceptible to repackaging attacks—and what industry benchmarks you should use to assess your own level of app protection. 

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