Banker's Guide to Electronic Signature

Delivering Better Customer & Employee Experiences that Drive Up Completion

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Accelerating trends toward digitization is forcing banks and financing institutions to embrace remote processes and digital agreements. The need for technology that enables banking continuity and secure agreements has never been higher.

This essential guide gives a comprehensive overview for how electronic signatures from OneSpan Sign enable banks to increase efficiency and productivity, so they can spend more time serving customer’s individual banking needs.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to transform the customer experience online and in the branch
  • E-Signature 101: Top banking questions answered
  • Real customer case studies showing how to improve compliance with error-free e-transactions
  • Best practices in e-signature security, deployment options, evidence, user experience, and mobile support
  • Flexible options for getting started
  • OneSpan Sign ensures a secure, digital signer experience across all channels and ultimately a higher adoption of banking.

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