OneSpan Sign for Pegasystems

Add Secure, Fast, E-Signatures to Any Pega Workflow

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How OneSpan Sign for Pegasystem Works

It’s easy to add e-signatures to any workflow with the Pega Designer Studio. Simply drag-and-drop the OneSpan Sign Smart Shape directly into any new or existing workflow.

Add e-signatures to a wide range of documents to speed up your business processes - from employee appraisals, NDAs, and vendor contracts, to customer-facing documents such as loan agreements, insurance policies or mortgage agreements.

Add multiple signers, send documents for e-signature, set reminders and notifications, and monitor your transaction’s progress throughout. 

What’s more, OneSpan Sign can be white-labeled so that your brand remains front and center. This creates a seamless and secure e-signing experience for your customers from start to finish, resulting in high customer adoption and completion rates.

Let’s take a closer look at how easy it is for a lender to send a loan application to be electronically signed by a borrower.

  • The lender fills out the borrower’s details and request an e-signature.
  • The borrower receives an email with a secure link to sign the documents.
  • Because OneSpan Sign is easy to use across all devices, the signer enjoys a seamless experience on their preferred device. 
  • When the borrower has signed, OneSpan Sign embeds the signature and audit trail directly in the document. This gives the lender an independent record that can be verified and stored anywhere.
  • The e-signed document can then be archived back into Pegasystems along with its completed audit trails.

With tamper-evident signatures and the most comprehensive audit trails in the market, OneSpan Sign provides best-in-class security, vendor independence and strong legal enforceability for your digital transactions.

Make it easier for employees, business partners and customers to securely sign documents using OneSpan Sign for Pegasystems.

Get OneSpan Sign for Pegasystems from the Pega marketplace or find out more about the OneSpan Sign Pega connector here.