How to Maximize Growth: Reshaping eSignature and Digital Forms

Recorded on: March 28, 2024


  • Will Lasala, Field CTO, OneSpan
  • Sally Schulte, Senior Product Marketing Director, Smart Communications

To achieve the customer conversations of tomorrow, modern, digital communication solutions must be explored today. Regardless of whether a customer communication happens just once a year or multiple times a month, every interaction is an opportunity to deliver an impactful experience and build trust. Within each of those interactions, the balance between security and Customer Experience (CX) directly affects effort and outcomes. To maintain security, while enhancing two-way conversations, forms and eSignatures are evolving to deliver omnichannel experiences, backed by digital identity and legal enforceability. To meet customer’s expectations, organizations are investing in technology that removes friction and creates dynamic, real-time conversation—delivering faster results and increasing overall ROI.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Key reasons companies are rethinking and reshaping forms and agreement processes
  • How to avoid common roadblocks to digital data collection and agreement processes
  • Technology and business process criteria for omnichannel experiences that maintain security and legal enforceability

Industry experts from OneSpan and Smart Communications share how the complex data collection and agreement processes of today can be quickly and easily digitalized for the customers of tomorrow—and propel companies forward in the digital trust landscape.