White Paper

How To Calculate E-Signature ROI

Align your e-signature initiative with corporate goals, and use both hard and soft ROI to support the business case.


Organizations of all sizes are adopting electronic signatures as part of their digital business processes. But without a detailed ROI case, e-signature project teams can end up underestimating the value or may have difficulty defending the priority of the project. In this paper, we look at more than 30 ROI metrics from actual e-signature implementations, so you can build a strong business case and benchmark your anticipated ROI against the benefits that others have achieved.


  • The business case: Bank of Montreal used the unit cost of paper to build an enterprise-wide case for e-signatures.
  • Avoid abandonment: A retail finance company has increased customer conversions by 19% while a top online mortgage provider is generating 15% high closings than with pen and paper.
  • Generate revenue: One online lender has doubled revenue, while other businesses have found that e-signatures provide more opportunities for cross-selling.
  • Reduce errors and risk: OneSpan Sign has helped carriers save millions in litigation costs and helped them avoid costly penalties and settlements.