How to Optimize the Value of E-Signatures in your Digital Agreement Processes

OSS Exp Series 2022 Part 1 Tile

Recorded on: May 19, 2022


  • Michael McMahon, Digital Transformation Consultant
  • Patrick Albert, Senior Solutions Architect

As organizations accelerated their digital business operations over the last 2 years, e-signatures emerged as a must-have technology. By enabling refreshingly easy and secure digital agreements and transactions, this solution provided countless benefits to employees, customers and partners beyond that of convenience.

In this webinar, digital business experts explore why teams need to get behind this digital revolution and share tips to ensure adoption for existing and future workflows. 

Topics and demo include:

  • How to optimize B2E, B2B and B2C e-signature workflows across different use cases, channels, and devices
  • Tips for improving the CX and achieving maximum ROI from your investments
  • Walkthrough and technical steps in the e-signature implementation process
  • Tried and tested recommendations for winning internal adoption