The Role Biometrics Will Play in the Future of Mobile Banking Security

Samuel Bakken Guest on Fintech Impact Podcast

In this episode of the Fintech Impact Podcast, Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager at OneSpan, speaks to Jason Pereira about biometric technology and why financial institutions should adopt biometrics into their mobile security strategy.

The Fintech Impact Podcast is an exploration of the fintech world, interviewing fintech professionals about their stories, what they do, and what their impact is on consumers, incumbents and the industry as a whole. 

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Why biometrics such as fingerprint and facial recognition are being used more and more in technological security today.
  • Why financial institutions are reluctant to adopt new biometrics-based technology due to cases of bias in the systems and what can be done about it.
  • Where biometrics are going in the future.


Sam Bakken

Sam Bakken, Director Product Marketing at OneSpan

Behavioral Biometrics: Frictionless Security in the Fight against Fraud
White Paper

Behavioral Biometrics: Frictionless Security in the Fight against Fraud

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