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OneSpan Sign: Digitizing Warehouse & Distribution Processes

See how e-signature and ID verification can be used to digitize point of sale and picking.

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How OneSpan streamlines point of sale and picking in 5 steps

OneSpan's e-signature and ID verification solutions can help commercial supply houses make point of sale and picking processes easier and more secure for your staff and customers. This video shows how this works in practice.

OneSpan helps to streamline the process in just five steps, all completed digitally from a tablet or mobile.

Step 1: Order identification

The customer describes the order they are here to pick up. By searching for the name or order ID on the tablet the attendant can quickly locate the order and show it to the customer for verbal verification.

The order is then collected from the warehouse and delivered to the collection point.

Step 2: ID Identity verification

To help prevent fraud, the attendant asks the customer to verify their identity by taking a photo of their ID document as well as a selfie. Both images will be attached to the e-signature transaction and the identity of the customer will be verified automatically through biometric comparison.

Step 3: Order Payment

Next, the attendant asks the customer to make the payment by tapping or inserting their card, and clicking pay.

The payment receipt is also then attached to the e-signature transaction. The process is nearly complete.

Step 4: E-signature

All that is left is for the customer to confirm the pickup and e-sign the invoice using an e-signature.

Step 5: Documentation

The attendant asks the customer if they would like a printed or digital copy of the transaction, which can be sent to an email address. The customer choses the digital copy and the process is complete.

The customer receives a download link to the transaction details including all attachments by email and a secure audit trail is safely stored for the supply house in the background.

With OneSpan Sign your point of sale and picking process will be intuitive, well-documented and easy to use for both, your customers, and your team.

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