Does Your Digital Agenda Incorporate the Human Touch?

human touch

Application and forms abandonment rates are high – up to 66% for certain types of financial products. Banks and FIs often turn to automation to fix this problem, but a fully automated, self-service experience isn’t necessarily optimal for every type of banking activity.

In some instances, even when tech can do an adequate job, consumers still want to deal with a human. For example, account opening or loan applications – transactions for which customers usually prefer personal real-life guidance and support. How do you inject that into what, for the rest, can be a purely digital process?

Financial regulation has adapted to enable and encourage the use of technology in this field. But quite often banks and organisations are not fully abreast of the changes and what they mean in terms of their technology utilisation, or how to maximise on compliance to their ultimate advantage, as well as their customer’s.

Watch this Finextra webinar, in association with OneSpan, to learn how to optimise the digital customer experience, addressing the different aspects of friction and merging the two worlds of digital and physical.

  • How and when to infuse the human element into digital processes to ensure the best experience at all times for your customers
  • Taking a pragmatic approach to removing friction in traditional product origination and customer servicing processes
  • Navigating regulatory compliance to advance your digital agendas and transform your services

Speakers include:

  • Anna Milne - Senior Editor, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Raquel Lima – Product Manager, OneSpan
  • Dr. Hosam Abou El Dahab - Digital Demand Office Head, Alex Bank
  • Clare Gambardella - Chief Customer Officer, Zopa