OneSpan Virtual Room

Using Virtual Room, customers can complete high value transactions in a secure high-assurance virtual space. 

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Combining OneSpan’s heritage in high-assurance identity verification and authentication with built-in e-signature, agreement co-browsing, web-enabled videoconferencing, and rich collaboration features, Virtual Room helps organizations engage and transact with customers with confidence. 

OneSpan, the digital agreements security company, has been helping enterprise organizations for three decades with bank-grade identity verification, authentication and e-signature solutions.  

With OneSpan’s latest innovation, Virtual Room, customers can complete high value transactions confidently with live assistance in a secure high-assurance virtual space.  

Customers get the peace of mind of engaging with a real person and organizations can get to securely help their customers through complex agreements - building trust and loyalty with enhanced customer experiences. 

Virtual Room enables organizations to: 

  • Verify the identities of participants, utilizing OneSpan’s mobile and hardware authentication solutions; 
  • Interact and Transact with all parties remotely; 
  • Review documents and address questions with agreement co-browsing; 
  • Capture legally binding e-signatures in real-time and 
  • Record virtual sessions for compliance and vendor-independent audit trails. 


Organizations can also fully white label the solution to reduce security risks and keep the spotlight on their brand – from start to finish.  

Virtual Room can be used with OneSpan’s identity verification and authentication solutions, including mobile authentication, smart devices, and document verification. 

Virtual Room can be used for multiple high-value customer agreements, including: 

  • Account Opening and Maintenance , 
  • Wealth Management , 
  • Insurance Policies and Claims , as well as 
  • Car Financing. 

Customers get a secure virtual experience from the convenience of their home or office. And organizations get to maximize positive customer experiences, increase transaction completion rates and reduce security risks and fraud.  

Recreate the power of a face-to-face meeting, securely, with Virtual Room. 

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Bring a Human Connection to Remote Banking, Insurance, & Financial Services

Download this ebook to learn how the OneSpan Virtual Room solution can recreate the power of the face-to-face meeting in your to end-to-end digital processes. 

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