AI and Machine Learning Bias and How it Affects Financial Systems

Interview with Ismini Psychoula

AI Machine Learning Bias Podcast
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AI and Machine Learning Bias and How it Affects Financial Systems

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In this Payments on Fire® podcast Ismini Psychoula, Research Scientist at OneSpan, discusses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and its role in financial services.

Ismini Psychoula has a PhD in Computer Science, with her thesis focusing on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for Smart Healthcare. At OneSpan she researches and designs privacy-preserving and explainable machine-learning models for financial systems.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Ethical AI, AI feeding and monitoring, machine learning bias, and how it affects financial systems. The podcast takes a deep dive into the latest research to prevent fraud and increase transaction security using AI and machine learning.

Podcast highlights:

  • How AI and machine learning analyse data to determine if a transaction is fraudulent or not.  
  • How automated credit decisioning based on historic data can cause bias. 
  • How explainable AI can help detect bias and improve algorithms.

Recorded on: January 13, 2022


  • George Peabody, Partner at Glenbrook Partners and Payments on Fire® Podcast Host
  • Ismini Psychoula, Research Scientist at OneSpan

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