Banking Institutions Are Embracing Security in the Cloud (iSMG)


Recorded on: November 13, 2020


  • David Vergara, Senior Director of Product Marketing

"Better, cheaper, faster." These are the results that banking institutions can receive by shifting security to the cloud. At a time when multi-channel fraud is surging and the customer experience is paramount, cloud needs serious consideration.

"Cloud technology by itself is not addressing these issues directly," says Vergara. "It's really the speed and, I think, the flexibility and simplicity that cloud enables in providing a mechanism to add new technologies to address fraud, and the fact is: Cloud platforms are just exceptionally well suited to integrate these technologies and make them available very quickly to banks."

In this iSMG podcast we discuss:

  • Multi-channel fraud trends
  • How the cloud enables "better, cheaper, faster"
  • The cloud roadmap and how to measure one's progress