The Changing Face of Banking with Ron Shevlin

How JP Morgan, Walmart, Chime and other FinTechs are responding to the changing ways in which consumers bank online.

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OneSpan Digital Banking Podcast with Ron Shevlin

In this podcast John Gunn, CMO at OneSpan, speaks to Ron Shevlin, Managing Director of Fintech Research at Cornerstone Advisors, on the latest trends in digital banking and FinTech.  

Drawing on insights from recent research, Ron discusses how consumer preferences are changing towards mobile and online channels, as well as how FinTechs, challengers, big retail and the advent of embedded finance are all changing how people interact with their banking providers.  

Key topics covered in the podcast: 

  • Digital customer acquisition is a very important priority for banks today: Financial institutions that have traditionally relied on branches for new account origination will need to enable secure digital onboarding with digital identity verification. 
  • Neobanks and challenger banks have set the bar for digital account opening: With increased competition for new banking customers, legacy banks need to place a greater emphasis on that initial experience to meet the bar digital-native banks have established.  
  • The pandemic showed that people value human interaction, not the bricks and mortar of a branch: As branch numbers decline, human-assisted digital transactions and ‘human plus digital’ interactions will continue to increase.  
  • Embedded finance will become a new distribution channel for financial institutions as the interconnectedness of financial services firms with super apps grows exponentially: Consumers will acquire services from financial services firms, but through the apps their spend the most time on, such as Amazon, Google, Uber, Etsy and others. 


Ron Shevlin

Ron Shevlin is Managing Director of FinTech Consulting Firm, Cornerstone Advisors. Ron has been a management consultant for more than 25 years, working with financial institutions, consumer packaged goods companies, and resellers to guide them through their toughest challenges.  

John Gunn

John Gunn is OneSpan’s Chief Marketing Officer and brings two decades of leadership experience in the IT security and software segments. John is an expert on hacking and IT security issues, and is frequently quoted in the media.  

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