Check All the Boxes with Next Level Digital Agreement Automation

Webinar presentation title slide


Recorded on: February 9, 2022


  • Michael McMahon, Digital Transformation Consultant, OneSpan
  • Patrick Albert, Senior Solutions Architect, OneSpan

After two years of social distancing, remote work environments, and touchless delivery, the business of doing business has changed. Your internal and external customers fully expect that document-driven processes like opening a new account, securing a home loan, or enrolling in a healthcare plan will be digital, safe, secure, and contractual.

With the help of new features like web- and mobile-enabled forms with built-in e-signature authentication, information governance professionals can rest easy knowing that your organization can deliver superior customer experience without compromising your privacy and security policies and practices.

In this webinar, AIIM and OneSpan provide an exciting look at new document transactional techniques that let you:

  • Offer “in-person” document and forms signing in a virtual setting
  • Ensure security and privacy in e-signature authentication protocols
  • Use interactive features like video playback as “proof” of the agreement