Bring a Human Connection to Remote Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services

OneSpan Sign Virtual Room

3D image Virtual Room eBook

Remote channels have become the primary method to apply for new accounts, insurance policies, loans, and to get financial advice. But, research shows that consumers turn to channels where they can receive human help and assistance for complex financial activities.  

How can organizations deliver a personal touch in a remote, non-face-to-face world? What tools do advisors and agents need to drive digital customer engagement – virtually? 

Download this ebook to learn how the OneSpan Sign Virtual Room solution can recreate the power of the face-to-face meeting in your to end-to-end digital processes. 

In this eBook, you will learn: 

  • How to find a competitive edge with remote processes 
  • Blending human and digital experiences with the OneSpan Sign Virtual Room 
  • Key requirements when evaluating virtual e-sign solutions 
  • A wide range of use cases for financial institutions, insurance providers, and more