Mobile Security Suite: App Shielding with Runtime Protection

Defeat mobile application attacks with complete protection from the inside out


App Shielding with runtime protection includes:
  • Overlay Detection
  • Jailbreak & Root Detection
  • Anti-Code Injection
  • Anti-Key Logging
  • Anti-Screen Reader
  • Anti-System Screenshots
  • Anti-Screen Mirroring and External Monitors
  • Anti-Re-Packaging Protection
  • Debugger detection
  • Runtime Protection– Integrity Check
  • Emulator Detection
  • Obfuscation

Businesses develop and market their own mobile apps at a feverish pace, driving a significant increase in the attack surface and related fraud. At the center of this threat are hackers who release malware that exploits mobile OS vulnerabilities. App Shielding with runtime protection by OneSpan equips businesses with strong, natively integrated app security that dynamically detects and mitigates these attacks.

Secure sensitive data

App Shielding by OneSpan proactively protects against zero-day and other targeted attacks, allowing mobile business apps to run securely, blocking foreign code from executing or shutting down the application if a threat to data exists. Integrating App Shielding with runtime protection into mobile apps ensures the complete integrity of the apps and fully protects sensitive business and personal data from cybercriminals.

Integrated protection

App Shielding wraps around the application code to protect against foreign code injection. Even if a device becomes infected with malware, including system components such as screen-readers or key logging on Android, runtime protection technology will detect and prevent that code from running.

Strengthen application security

App Shielding provides an extensive list of features that are easy to integrate and invisible to the end user. As a result, App Shielding allows businesses to extend and strengthen application security, protect customers and meet aggressive application development timelines.

Mobile Security Suite

App Shielding with runtime protection is available as an optional feature in OneSpan Mobile Security Suite. Mobile Security Suite is the most comprehensive mobile in-app protection solution of its kind, seamlessly integrating identity/authentication, secure storage and communications, obfuscation, whitebox cryptography, runtime protection and more into any mobile app.

Mobile Security Suite

How it works

App Shielding with runtime protection ensures the integrity of mobile apps in three ways: Protect, Detect and React. It protects the trusted mobile application by preventing reverse engineering techniques via code obfuscation and anti-repackaging technology.

It actively detects malicious key logging, screen readers, repackaged applications, debuggers and emulators, and jailbroken or rooted devices. It can then be configured to react to prevent malicious activities by shutting the app down or enabling customized actions based on business policy.