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Highest Rated Software for Small to Midsized Businesses

Mary Ellen Power, July 17, 2015

This week, business software review site G2 Crowd published a list of the 21 highest rated business products for small to midsized businesses. e-SignLive rounds out the top three solutions, coming in with the second highest user satisfaction rating of all products reviewed by SMB professionals.

Lists from sites like G2 Crowd make it easier for SMBs to evaluate everything from e-signatures to CRM and file sharing. Even with limited time and resources, a small business can quickly access online communities that offer unbiased advice from real users.

One of the things I love about G2 Crowd is credibility. It has more than 35,000 product reviews from people who have actually implemented and used the software – and have strong opinions to share. Where else will you get feedback about the limitations and strengths of a software application from others in your industry (who may even have the same use case as you)?

Small business by the numbers

Do you know how many small businesses there are in the U.S.? Entrepreneur Magazine reported that there are as many as 27,000,000! They account for whopping 60 – 80% of U.S. jobs. And 92% of those companies use at least one cloud business solution.

Small to midsized businesses are moving their processes online to compete with larger brands, cut costs and reach new markets beyond traditional geographic boundaries. In fact, we are seeing SMBs combining the cloud, e-signatures and mobility to offer the same online signing experience as Fortune 1000 organizations. There’s a reason people say the cloud is a great equalizer. As an example, even small real estate agencies operating in a country and/or industry where they have to comply with data residency laws and regulations can use the e-SignLive service to process all their documents on servers hosted locally by IBM SoftLayer.


This is G2 Crowd's 12th, and most detailed, e-signature rankings report. It confirms OneSpan Sign as the leader in customer satisfaction with the highest NPS (83) score for the twelfth consecutive time.


While SaaS e-signatures have benefits for every size organization, there are compelling reasons why SMB professionals are consuming e-signatures in the cloud:

  • The low monthly subscription cost
  • Up and running right away (and the ROI is immediate)
  • No need for an IT team or any developers
  • No software to install
  • No hardware to buy or maintain

How small businesses are using e-signatures

Independent insurance agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, realtors, contractors, and smaller departments and organizations in all industries are using electronic signature technology to get ahead. Here are some examples:

  • Moving to the web has enabled regional lender Signature Mortgage to expand their business across the country – the company is no longer limited to serving the Ohio and Florida regions.
  • "Providing the ability for our members, who are disbursed across a wide geographic area, to sign documents from anywhere creates an edge that allows us to compete with larger financial institutions," says Kathy Clark, VP of sales, service and operations at Teachers Credit Union.
  • "In the real estate industry, if you don’t move quickly enough, there is always someone waiting around the corner that will move in to seal the deal," said IPM Vice President & CFO Robert Baer. "By deploying e-SignLive, we are able to make the process of leasing property even more seamless and fast for our customers, eliminating the timely and costly delays associated with paper-based processes."
  • For CNR First Insurance, an independent agency with 15 insurance agents, as much as half of their business is closed remotely. Since the company began offering e-signatures, they have dramatically compressed the time it takes to complete underwriting documents and close business. Remote customers can now go online, open a browser and sign their documents in minutes. This makes it easy for people to purchase or renew a policy with CNR.
  • "As a realtor, I’ve saved so much time since I started using e-SignLive. The annual fee is nothing compared to the savings, just in gas and time." (user review on G2Crowd)

The latest crowdsourced report on e-signatures

In their latest grid report on electronic and digital signature technologies, G2 Crowd analyzed over 1,300 reviews from e-signature users authenticated through Linkedin. The report confirms that e-SignLive holds the highest customer satisfaction rating and NPS scores. To get a better view of why that is, we invite you to read it – for free.