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Making the Case for E-Signature


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Financial institutions intuitively understand the potential benefits of implementing an e-signature solution yet with so many other priorities, electronic signatures always seem to get pushed down the list. However, not having a solution can serve as a major roadblock for other high-priority initiatives that can streamline digital processes for customers, such as paperless processes and mobile account opening. Written by CEB (a best practice insight and technology company), this 6 page insight brief identifies the key steps to build a strong business case for e-signature use in financial institutions. This report helps to clearly define why an e-signature investment is so crucial and can gain critical time and cost savings for all stakeholders.

The three key steps discussed in this brief include:

  1. Diagnose Technology Performance Gaps
  2. Identify the Costs and Benefits to Stakeholders
  3. Evaluate the Internal and External Risks

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