eSignLive Web Seminar to Answer Electronic Contracting Questions

April 19, 2007

Is e-contracting in your IT plan? If not, why not?

Montreal, QC, April 20, 2007 — Silanis today announced it would offer a free Web seminar on e-contracting, a subject of widespread interest, with a focus on government applications - from requisitioning to procurement.

A growing number of government agencies and departments are using electronic contracting to streamline their processes and become more responsive to citizens and government customers.

Now that legislation and standards are in place, and mature solutions are available, electronic signing and contracting implementations are commonplace, and can provide best practices from which to learn.

The largest contracting organization in the world provides an excellent example. The US General Services Administration (GSA) is using Silanis' solutions to allow more than 13,000 suppliers to submit contract proposals and modifications through the GSA Advantage portal.

Join us on Thursday, April 26, from 2-3 pm (EST US & Canada) for this valuable introduction to e-contracting in government. Michael Laurie, Silanis vice-president and co-founder, will answer some of the most frequently asked questions from those considering e-contracting, including:

  • Which laws and regulations do I need to comply with?
  • How can I ensure my contracts remain secure and enforceable online?
  • What type of infrastructure is required to adopt e-contracting?
  • What is the business case for prioritizing e-contracting?

Jack Moyer, Silanis business architect, will also provide real-world examples of electronic contracting, and demonstrate the solutions that are behind these implementations:

  • Web-based e-contracting with partners
  • Desktop e-contracting with employees
  • Requisitioning and procurement process automation

This seminar will provide attendees with the knowledge and tools to begin planning their organization's electronic contracting initiatives.



About Silanis

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