NW_20010611_en_Network Computing, June 11, 2001_ "VASCO _VACMAN Radius Middleware_"

June 11, 2001

New. Looking to implement strong authentication for remote users without overhauling your systems? VASCO's [VACMAN Radius Middleware, or VRM], fits into any RADIUS remote-access environment--there is no need to purchase additional authentication servers or modify your existing security infrastructure to take advantage of its strong authentication. VASCO claims the product eliminates many duties associated with authentication management. Features include automatic user registration and security-token assignment. Standard RADIUS handles authentication requests and static user names and passwords, but VASCO says that for strong protection, RADIUS needs to be augmented with other authentication tools, such as tokens. [VACMAN Radius Middleware] also boasts simple installation and configuration, which should speed up initial deployment and reduce total cost of ownership.

Available: This quarter. Starts at $1,990 for a 100-user license and 25 Digipass authenticators.
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