OneSpan Identity Verification Differentiators

Acquire more customers, reduce abandonment, and mitigate fraud with digital identity verification services ​

Orchestration of Identity Verification​


Orchestration of Identity Verification​

Multi-layered approach

  • Leverage a multi-layered and risk-based approach that aligns with recommended standards for customer verification and assists financial institutions in meeting Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements​
  • A “one-to-many” integration approach results in higher pass rates and enables failover in the case of latency or downtime

Single Integration

  • Reap the benefits of a single API that eliminates the need to manage other tools ​
  • Reduce your implementation costs and complexity with a single vendor and SLA


  • Optimize and change your identity proofing process with minimal impact​
  • Select the identity verification methods that align best to your organizational risk tolerance


  • Acquire new customers easily with identity verification checks available worldwide​
  • Support your evolving business requirements, such as expansion into new regions
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Name Matching​

Reduced Customer Friction​

  • Prevent failures due to names with special characters, identity documents that contain maiden/married names, or sub-optimal OCR​​

Fraud Prevention​

  • Ensure that the person presenting the identity document is the same person intended for the identity check​

Workflow, Design & UX

Visual Workflow Designer​

Visual Workflow Designer makes it easy to map out workflows for the end-to-end financial agreement process. The drag-and-drop interface and pre-defined actions simplify the task of building sophisticated ID verification and signing workflows.


Completely white-label the electronic identity verification and biometric verification processes and put your brand front and center on web and mobile pages that applicants see. A fully branded transaction reinforces customer trust and ensures the highest adoption rates.​

Mobile Optimized UX​

The step-by-step identity verification process is optimized for small form factor devices such as smartphones and tablets. Easy-to-understand instructions help applicants move seamlessly through the mobile ID capture and selfie biometric verification process.​


Audit Trails

Customer Identification

  • The audit trail contains details of the identification checks and results performed by the customer. This will include the request/response in JSON format with the details of the check performed.​

Transaction Event Timeline​

  • Ability to capture a full timeline of timestamped events. Whenever an action is performed by a customer or a page is loaded this will be recorded in the audit trail.​

Workflow Pages​

  • Copies of the pages that the customer saw when working through the digital identity verification process are recorded so that these can be played with the event timeline to reveal exactly what the customer did and saw.​

Integrated with e-signatures​

  • Verification audit trails can be embedded into an e-signed agreement to prove compliance.
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AI-powered Analytics​

Predictive Power

  • Accurately verify documents across the globe by harnessing the power of AI – including computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms designed to detect fraudulent IDs 

Fully Automated

  • Machine learning weighs results from hundreds of algorithms, making intelligent decisions in a matter of seconds