Air Force Reserve Command streamlines military recruiting processes using eSignLive electronic signatures

March 19, 2006

Montreal, QC, March 20, 2006 — Silanis Technology, the industry's most experienced electronic signature provider with more than two million government and commercial users, today announced that the Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Services has reduced the time to process new recruits by 25%, with the help of Silanis' ApproveIt® Desktop software. This is the second implementation of Silanis' electronic signature application for the accessions process within DoD. In 2004, the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC), renamed, US Army Accessions Command, equipped its 1,700 worldwide offices with the software.

By deploying ApproveIt Desktop at all Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service's 280 offices, the organization has eliminated paper from the recruiting process, and reduced the number of document errors when moving and managing applicant files around the world. More importantly, the electronically signed files now enable related recruitment processes at the Air Force Reserve Command and other agencies to be automatically triggered, such as security clearance requests and background checks.

Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service reports that Silanis' electronic signature application has dramatically increased process efficiency and improved the accuracy of information captured in new recruit files. Throughout the recruiting process, applicants complete and sign forms using Silanis' software and an electronic signing tablet. Because the information is captured electronically, the applicant's file can be easily re-validated for accuracy and updated into the system. Moreover, because the recruit's entire history with the Air Force is available electronically, it can be instantly accessed from anywhere in the world in a secure environment.

The US Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Services is the first agency to have  completely automated the security clearance process, according to officials. The secure electronic signature application is taking them a step closer to where they want to be in creating a paperless case file environment.

The 280 offices worldwide were fully operational within two weeks of receiving their licenses of the ApproveIt software, a signature tablet and training guide. Recruiting officials were pleased at how easily the electronic signature application was integrated into their Air Force processes, and how quickly the entire command attained full operational capability. They cite intuitive installation, user friendliness, and robust capability, as reasons the implementation was so successful.

ApproveIt Desktop was chosen by the agency because of its JITC certification and proven track record in the US Army. Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service required a secure solution that worked with their IBM Workplace Forms (previously known as PureEdge Information Management Tools) and Adobe PDF documents, while creating a legally enforceable signature and detailed audit trail that included any authorized changes to the document.

Silanis' solution met all requirements. ApproveIt Desktop combines the security of a digital signature with a legally enforceable, electronic signature process to ensure reliable and auditable business records needed to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws, standards, regulations and policies. The solution goes one step further by incorporating advanced electronic approval features to ensure ease-of-use, high user adoption and support for everyday, real-world business application.

Silanis also provides the Air Force Reserve Command with a flexible and scalable solution that can grow with their future needs. Sharing the same core signing engine, Silanis' comprehensive suite of enterprise solutions enable electronic signing capabilities to be extended to external parties over the web with the assurance that they are cross-compatible.

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. is the largest and most experienced provider of electronic signature solutions. More than 1,100 government and commercial organizations, representing two million users, depend on Silanis' solutions to accelerate operations, improve service, and reduce costs. Customers include Stewart Title, GMAC Commercial Mortgage, BMW Financial Services, US Postal Service, National Institute of Health, General Services Administration and enterprise licenses with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and US Army.


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