eSignLive Presents: Electronic Contracting in Action Featuring Booz Allen Hamilton

October 8, 2008
Montreal, QC - October 9, 2008 – Silanis Technology, the leader in electronic signatures, announced today that it will present a web seminar on benefits of electronic contracting featuring its customer, Booz Allen Hamilton. The online event, aimed at contract managers, business analysts and project managers in the public and private sectors, directly tackles the issue of electronic contracting and administration in highly regulated environments.  The 60 minute event will take place on October 16, 2008 at 2 pm EST, and features Jennifer Gleich, project manager, Strategic Subcontracting Initiatives for Booz Allen Hamilton, and Silanis president and co-founder, Tommy Petrogiannis. Companies in every industry and across the public and private sectors rely on contracts and written agreements to conduct business, mitigate risk and meet regulatory compliance requirements.  But most contracts today are still written using old-fashioned paper, impacting productivity of the business and creating unnecessary delays for customers.  Electronic contracts are the way of the future. They improve audit ability and visibility over the contracting process and greatly enhance responsiveness to partners, contractors and customers. During the web seminar, Jennifer Gleich, project manager, Strategic Subcontracting Initiatives for Booz Allen Hamilton will speak to Booz Allen’s success in leveraging Silanis’s e-contracting solution to manage its partners and thousands of transactions including such critical contracts such as teaming agreements, non-disclosure agreements, sub-contracting agreements and task orders.  Silanis president and co-founder Tommy Petrogiannis will round out hour with a discussion on business2business and government2business electronic contracting trends, including a review of related business and compliance requirements and the latest developments in e-contracting technology. Participants interested in registering for this upcoming event can register for the E-Contracting in Action Webcast here. About Silanis Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. is the largest and most experienced provider of electronic signature solutions. More than 1,400 government and commercial organizations, representing 2 million users, depend on Silanis’ solutions to accelerate operations, improve service and reduce costs.

The company’s solutions not only eliminate the inefficiencies of paper, they provide reliable and auditable business records needed to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws, standards, regulations and policies.