NW_20001023_en_Financial Technology Weekly, October 23, 2000_ “VASCO to provide Istrobanka with Digipass authentica

October 23, 2000

VASCO, a provider of enterprise-wide security solutions, announced today that Istrobanka, a bank in Slovakia with more than 600 million euro in assets, has chosen Digipass security technology to safeguard its customers’ remote access transactions. The bank will draw on the capabilities of Digipass to provide strong authentication as well as digital signature in one device, providing a high level of security for each customer’s confidential information, assets, and personal identity.

With Digipass integrated into OfficeLine, a complete electronic banking system from VASCO partner A&L soft (www.alsoft.cz) Istrobanka customers can conduct their remote banking through the Internet, mobile or regular phone, PC dial-in, or e-mail, for anytime, anywhere, anyhow banking. Digipass security also allows the bank to strictly control account access, with a dynamic password and two-factor authentication to strongly authenticate customers and a digital signature to verify the authenticity of information and transactions. According to the company only the customer’s individually programmed Digipass and the bank’s computer can generate the proper password and digital signature for that account, providing a high level of security.