NW_20001025_en_TelekomNet, October 25, 2000_ "Business Briefs"

October 25, 2000

VASCO Data Security International this week unveiled its latest Digipass smart card device, which allows users to perform secure online transactions without any other smart card reader, terminal or software.

The 800 version is the latest in a long line of Digipass authentication tools to protect data and networks by blocking unauthorized access. VASCO is considered one of the world leaders in authentication tokens, having sold more than 2 million of them.

Just larger than a standard bank card, the Digipass 800 uses a numeric keypad for recording PINs and a two-line LDC display to help authenticate purchases or digital signatures.

By making it "Proton-compatible," users will have greater range of use for the security device, which requires a smart card be inserted and a PIN provided to work.

Proton World was created by American Express, Visa International, Banksys, ERG and Interpay to promote smart-card and "electronic purse" standards.

VASCO, headquartered in Illinois, includes financial institutions, blue-chip companies and government agencies among its customers in 50 countries.