OneSpan Sign for Salesforce is Now Integrated with Chatter

Aydoan Armutlu, April 12, 2016

If you’re a Salesforce customer, odds are that you use Chatter every day. Many companies today use Chatter to collaborate across their organization. You can use Chatter in a variety of ways, from creating a support case and updating a sales opportunity to approving expense reports, all from the Chatter feed.

With OneSpan Sign for Salesforce Chatter, you can now do even more. OneSpan Sign for Salesforce Chatter allows you to receive real-time status notifications of your documents sent for electronic signature – right from your Chatter feed.

OneSpan Sign for Salesforce

OneSpan Sign for Salesforce

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Our built-in document tracking capability alerts OneSpan Sign for Salesforce users when a package or template is signed or modified. And if you want to share updates with your team, you can post those directly to Chatter.

Customize your preferences to indicate which notifications you would like to receive. With OneSpan Sign for Salesforce, you can allow Chatter updates for the following events:

  • Package is sent
  • Package is completed
  • Include links to signed documents
  • Package is declined
  • Package is opted-out
  • Package is expired
  • Signer has completed signing
  • Signer is locked out
  • Signer has delegated their signing role
  • When a user is required to sign a package

For instructions on how to modify your OneSpan Sign for Salesforce Chatter preferences, you can refer to our User Guide.

The new OneSpan Sign for Salesforce Chatter integration not only saves you time, it also gives you tools to improve productivity and focus on what matters most to your business – closing business! With OneSpan Sign for Salesforce, you can quickly obtain secure, legal and compliant e-signatures for contracts, NDAs and any other internal or customer-facing documents without ever leaving Salesforce.

To learn more about the OneSpan Sign for Salesforce app, go to our AppExchange listing or visit the OneSpan Sign for Salesforce page.