Packed with features to streamline workflows and increase user productivity

Customer Experience

Fully embedded user experience

Delight your customers and sales team with a completely immersive Dynamics experience and eliminate the need for training.

Optimized Signing Experience

Flexible Options

Support a wide range of user authentication and signing methods, while easily integrating e-signatures with custom apps built on Dynamics

Cloud Two ways

Two-Way Data Sync

Eliminate manual data entry by using conventions to auto-populate data from Dynamics into documents and update records with captured data

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Admin Features

System administrators can create custom workflow options, reports, templates, and more.

Document Creation

Document Generation

Integrate with contract management and invoicing apps like Xpertdoc Document Generation, while easily integrating e-signatures with custom apps built on Dynamics.

The Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

This comprehensive beginner’s guide to electronic signatures introduces important legal concepts and key considerations, including enterprise plans and pricing, automation, and digital signature encryption to prevent tampering, when creating digital business processes with e-signature tools.

Fully Embedded User Experience

Close deals faster and delight your employees with this connector’s ease of use

Start the e-signature transaction creation process with auto-populated documents from any standard or custom Dynamics CRM entity. 
This out-of-the-box connector eliminates the need for any kind of training. E-Signed documents and audit trails are automatically saved in Microsoft Dynamics CRM after the sales process is complete ensuring effective document management.

OneSpan Sign for Dynamics CRM can be used for documents like:

  • Sales and business agreements
  • NDAs and proposals
  • Legal documents
  • Human resources forms, notifications, and onboarding documents

Flexible Options

Streamline your document creation process with pre-populated templates and flexible authentication options

For additional flexibility, OneSpan Sign for Dynamics CRM has: 

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface that reduces the number of steps to create transactions
  • Pre-populated templates that accelerate the document preparation process
  • Multiple authentication options, so you have the choice of verifying your signers via email, SMS text code, Q&A, and more.
  • E-Signatures built on digital signature encryption to prevent document tampering

Two-Way Data Sync

Use e-signatures to manage leads, documents, and signatures from a single interface

Invite customers to e-sign documents from your contacts, leads, users, or any standard and custom entity in Dynamics CRM.

From there, you can automatically populate your documents with user data from the system. 

Automatically file e-signed documents back in Dynamics CRM and share  information with your colleagues and customers. 

Admin Features

Configure the settings that make your sales team efficient and manage users, templates, and more

Empower your system administrators to create custom links and buttons in the entity of your choice. This allows you to:

  • Enhance your workflows
  • Report on monitored transactions in real time
  • Create re-usable templates that boost sales productivity
  • Manage text tags and conventions
  • Manage users
  • And more

Document Generation

Leverage Xpertdoc to seamlessly create documents, invoices, and contracts and send them out for signature

We recognize that your CRM systems often need e-signatures to be paired with document generation applications. 

OneSpan has partnered with Xpertdoc to bring an exciting new enterprise offering, combining the award-winning document generation platform and the world’s leading e-signature technology to your Dynamics CRM. 

Leverage our DocGen connector integrated inside Xpertdoc to seamlessly create documents, invoices, contracts, and then send them for signatures – all from one workflow.

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