E-Signatures for SharePoint are Ideal for on-demand, ad-hoc signing of any printable document


Intuitive UI

Get a unique customer experience with our completely intuitive, all in one, and native application for SharePoint – no extra training required


Complete Automation

Use and save templates to automate future transactions and automatically archive e-signed documents back in SharePoint online

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Authentication Methods

Choose from multiple methods of user authentication that makes the most sense for your process

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Admin Features

Easily manage users, permissions, text-tags, conventions, and much more from the admin dashboard


Enhanced Customization

Utilize OneSpan Sign’s .NET SDK to easily integrate electronic signatures into custom-built apps on SharePoint

Complete Automation

Streamline your contract signing process and close deals faster with reusable templates

Pre-populated templates accelerate the document management and preparation process in your SharePoint workflows resulting in increased productivity and fast sales cycles. Once your SharePoint documents are sent for e-signature, you can monitor their status from the dashboard and receive automatic updates regarding the progress of your workflows.

The Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

This comprehensive beginner’s guide to electronic signatures introduces key considerations like audit trails, cloud and on-premise deployments, and pricing formats, when creating digital business processes with e-signatures.


Authentication Methods

Multiple authentication methods provides flexibility and ensures your documents stay secure

To ensure that you have all the flexibility and functionality you need, OneSpan Sign for SharePoint lets you add signers from your Azure Active Directory, or use external email addresses. Once added, you can choose from multiple authentication methods, such as email, SMS text code notifications, and Q&A.

Admin Features

Configure key roles, templates, and more with our easy-to-use admin options

Create, use, and save templates on SharePoint to automate future transactions. From there you can access transaction reports, template actions, and more with admin privileges from one dashboard.

Enhanced Customizations

Ensure that your e-signature solution aligns with your unique needs with enhanced customization options

Our powerful .NET SDK comes packed with everything you need to easily integrate electronic signatures into custom-built apps on SharePoint.

Need a complex workflow with automations?

Try any of our enhanced customization options. They come with step-by-step guides, documentation, and more.


See the E-Signing Experience for Yourself

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