Account Takeover Fraud: How to Protect Your Customers and Business

E-Book: Account Takeover Techniques and the Multi-layered Security Approach to Combat Them

Learn more about account takeover attacks in this interview with Julie Conroy of Aite Group

Are you prepared to detect and combat account takeover fraud (ATO) in real time? Adversaries have a variety of weapons at their disposal, which makes effective protection a challenge. To make matters worse, legacy anti-fraud solutions are falling short of accurately evaluating the risk. 

With the right multi-layered security approach, financial organizations can help prevent account takeover fraud and secure customers at every stage of their digital journeys. This guide outlines a best practices approach to protecting against account takeover fraud with proven technologies such as
machine learning-based risk analytics.

Download this guide to learn: 

  • The top 6 techniques leading to an account takeover and how to defend against them
  • Key capabilities to look for in a modern, risk-based fraud prevention solution 
  • How to protect against attacks on the login process, unauthorized creation of new payees, and suspicious funds transfers
  • Why real-time, cross-channel data analysis can save your customers from becoming the next victim 

Account Takeover Fraud


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