5 Ways Forms Automation and eSignature Optimize Your Customer Experience and Drive Growth

OneSpan Sign and Smart Communications Integration

Smartcomm eBook

Are you stuck in a pen and PDF paradigm? Are you still printing PDFs for signature? 

Rethink how you process information and capture consent in your digital customer journeys with OneSpan and Smart Communications. Using smart forms and electronic signatures, this ebook explores five ways to reduce the time and effort for customers to do business with you, while also helping you serve them more securely and efficiently.  

Download this ebook today to learn key strategies to further your digital transformation, increase completion rates, and deliver a superior user experience.  

In this eBook, you will learn about: 

  • Reducing friction in the agreement process 
  • How automation can clear process bottlenecks 
  • Why focusing on the mobile experience now will pay dividends