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The Shift to People-Centric Transaction Management

The Combination of Identity and Security in Customer Journeys Is the New Race for Transactions and Agreements

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Digital agreements and transactions are essential to conducting business. They are also a target for identity fraud and cyberattacks. To secure signers and the agreements, enterprises are moving beyond basic digital transaction management (DTM) solutions.

This has shifted the DTM market to a people-centered approach. Verifying who people are and ensuring that the transactions they participate in are secure, is now table stakes. This shift brings both higher levels of security and customer engagement. When identity verification, authentication, electronic signature, and security are natively built-in to the platform, customers enjoy a seamless experience.

Download this Aragon Research Note for an update on the latest changes in the DTM market and key capabilities to look for.

In this Research Note, you will learn:

  • The security risks making enterprises vulnerable 
  • How advanced identity authentication helps fight identity fraud 
  • Regulatory compliance considerations for global transactions   
  • Action items to get started with people-centric DTM

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