OneSpan Sign for Workday

Digitize HR workflows and business processes with the most secure and seamless e-signature solution.

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  • Send, sign, and track documents without ever leaving Workday
  • Eliminate manual processing of HR documents with two-way data flow – to and from documents in Workday
  • Automatically place signature fields and data capture fields (i.e., checkboxes, text boxes, or radio buttons) in the correct locations of your document
  • Leverage all features and capabilities from OneSpan Sign, such as authentication methods, reminders, signing order, mobile signing, and more
  • E-Signed documents are automatically archived back into Workday along with its completed audit trail

Add e-signatures to any Workday process

The OneSpan Sign integration with Workday enables HR teams to send documents for e-signature directly in Workday. Easily add e-signatures to any Workday process that requires document signing. By keeping all your HR signing workflows completely digital, you’ll eliminate errors and costs related to manually handling paper and accelerate the time it takes to get documents signed in a secure and compliant manner.

From hiring and onboarding to managing current employees, OneSpan Sign for Workday provides a superior experience by allowing candidates and employees to conveniently sign documents from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Use Cases

Add e-signatures to all your HR signing use cases:

  • Offer letters
  • NDAs
  • New hire forms
  • Direct deposit agreements
  • Benefit enrollment forms
  • Code of conduct
  • Employee exit forms
  • Vacation forms
  • Employee handbook
  • And more

How it Works

1. Configure

Install the OneSpan Sign for Workday connector and configure your business processes to send documents for e-signature.

2. Send

Execute the Workday business process and send documents for signature. Documents are automatically pre-filled with data from Workday.

3. Track

Visit the individual business process or run a report to view statuses and updates on in-flight transactions.

4. Archive

After signing is complete, e-signed documents with their audit trails are automatically stored in Workday

Product Differentiators

Flexible Solution

Most Flexible Solution

Configurable workflows and a wide range of user authentication options and signature capture methods.

Highest Adoption Rates

Highest Adoption Rates

Intuitive signing on any device and the ability to fully white-label the e-sign process delivers a superior experience to candidates and employees.


Secure, Legal, & Compliant

  • Tamper-evident seal for each signature.
  • One-click, vendor-independent verification of signatures.
  • OneSpan Sign meets the highest security standards, including SOC 2, FedRAMP, and HIPAA.
Single, Unified Audit Trail

Single, Unified Audit Trail

Captures identity verification, authentication, and e-signature events to demonstrate compliance and prove how the signer was identified, what they signed, when, and where.