Why Forgetting your Password is Safer than Having One – Best Practices for Banks Adopting Password-less Authentication

Webinar presentation title slide

Recorded on: November 17, 2021


  • Julie Conroy, Head of Risk Insights and Advisory, Aite-Novarica
  • David Vergara, Senior Director Product Marketing, OneSpan
  • Will LaSala, Senior Director Global Solutions, OneSpan

Outdated yet ubiquitous, passwords are inconvenient, risky and costly for banks to maintain. So what’s the best way for banks to modernize authentication with secure and user-friendly password-less technologies?

In this webinar, Aite-Novarica and OneSpan discuss how a password-less approach to authentication can fully address all the limitations of passwords for both bank employees and customers. Specifically addressing how password-less authentication can dramatically improve the user experience to drive growth, reduce exposure to ATO and related fraud, and drive down operating costs.

Additional topics and live demonstration include:

  • The evolution of passwords and authentication 
  • Key insights from leading analyst firm, Aite-Novarica on password-less authentication preferences and trends for both employee and consumer use cases
  • Best practices for deploying password-less solutions that satisfy customer needs and why leaning into the cloud can unlock even greater value
  • A range of authentication technologies that support true password-less login