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OneSpan Mobile Authenticators

A suite of mobile authenticators that simplify authentication and elevate customer trust

Balance the strong security with user convenience by leveraging mobile channels

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    Mobile User Experience

    Offer a frictionless user experience for secure access anytime, anywhere to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

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    Elevate customer trust

    Inspire trust in your mobile apps and alleviate security concerns that impede consumer adoption of mobile services

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    Boost your brand and customize your mobile solutions to reflect your corporate identity

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    Strong mobile security

    Rely on a partner with proven expertise and a deep understanding of the mobile threat environment

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    Strong competitive advantage

    Drive more revenue with a high-value mobile service offering that instills trust thanks to the ideal mix of security and convenience

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    Reduced TCO

    Save significantly on hardware and deployment costs by turning mobile phones into authentication devices

iPhone - Authenticator - Mobile Authenticator

Mobile Authenticator

OneSpan Mobile Authenticator generates one-time passwords with just a touch enabling your users to securely log on to their applications. Mobile Authenticator supports additional PIN protection, fingerprint recognition, FaceID, and device binding capabilities to ensure the highest level of security.

Mobile Authenticator

Mobile Authenticator Studio

OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio goes beyond simple authentication. With several authentication options to choose from to suit your needs. This solution also offers enhanced built-in application security to self-protect the app.

iPhone - Authenticator - SMS

Mobile Authenticator SMS

OneSpan Mobile Authenticator SMS offers a user-friendly and cost-efficient solution for strong user authentication. One-time passwords are sent to a user’s mobile phone via SMS or e-mail. This solution can be used as a primary authentication method or as back-up in case an authentication device is lost or is not available.

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