New eSignLive Website to Help Organizations Implement E-Signatures

November 13, 2007

Montreal, QC November 14 2007 - In response to increasing demand for electronic signature technology, Silanis Technology Inc. today launched a new version of, an e-signature resource center and solutions Website designed to provide government, financial services, insurance and manufacturing industries with crucial information for ensuring secure, compliant and auditable online signing processes. "In the last 18 months, Silanis has seen a dramatic increase in the number of government and commercial organizations embarking on e-signature initiatives," said Richard L. Warren, CEO, Silanis. As Mr. Warren explained, even the most risk-averse industries are realizing they need to eliminate paper from their signing processes. "We have helped three of the top property and casualty (P&C) insurers and the most security-conscious government and financial services organizations to deploy e-signatures," said Mr. Warren. "Silanis knows what it takes to move high-value, high-volume signing processes online without introducing any risks." Silanis' new Website provides information on what to consider from a business, legal and IT perspective, and features a large number of e-signature related articles, whitepapers, Webcasts and customer case studies. More than 1,400 organizations use Silanis' solutions, for everything from Web and retail, to call centre and internal processes -- several in the most high-risk and high-volume of environments. The Website's new Customer section highlights those organizations, grouped under Federal Government, State & Local Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, HR/On boarding and Other. Silanis offers a comprehensive enterprise platform that ensures processes and records are secure, compliant and auditable. The new Solutions section of Silanis' Website provides information on the company's full line of e-signature, e-transaction management and e-vaulting offerings. "Our new Website will provide organizations with a foundation for embarking on an e-signature project and ensuring a successful implementation," said Mr. Warren. In short, visitors to will have access to all the information they need to ensure a successful electronic signature project.

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. is the largest and most experienced provider of electronic signature solutions. More than 1,400 government and commercial organizations, representing two million users, depend on Silanis' solutions to accelerate operations, improve service and reduce costs.

The company's solutions not only eliminate the inefficiencies of paper; they provide reliable and auditable business records needed to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws, standards, regulations and policies.