Cascades secures its remote network with VASCO’s two-factor authentication

March 4, 2010

Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, Zurich, Switzerland, March 4, 2010 - VASCO Data Security Inc. (Nasdaq: VDSI;, a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, announces today that Cascades( - a recycling and paper packaging company - secures its remote network with VASCO’s two-factor authentication.

Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products composed mainly of recycled fibres. In order to allow employees to access corporate resources and applications from remote offices or home, Cascades implemented a SSL VPN solution, secured by VASCO’s DIGIPASS™ authentication solution.

Secure Links, a leading services orientated company with experienced professionals focusing on perimeter network security and secure remote access solutions, proposed VASCO’s solutions to Cascades. The company also provided the necessary equipment so that an initial pilot could be set up. After evaluating the pilot project, Cascades opted for VASCO’s DIGIPASS solution in combination with its software suite VACMAN™.

Cascades’s IT support personnel, sales force, management and office workers were all equipped with DIGIPASS GO 6, a one-button authentication device , allowing them to remotely log on to applications, websites and the corporate network. DIGIPASS GO 6 generates one-time passwords which have a limited validity. The technology replaces a similar but costly solution, effectively combating Internet fraud.

“We are very happy to work with VASCO”, says Denis Robitaille, Director IT Technical Service at Cascades. “We already had an authentication solution in place but decided to replace it with VASCO’s DIGIPASS devices and VACMAN software suite mainly because of the low total cost of ownership. Other factors taken into account were the extended life length of the DIGIPASS and the ease of use of the administration console. Moreover, we were pleasantly surprised that the implementation went so quickly and smooth. VASCO’s support department helped us during all the migration steps.”

“Cascades is a nice addition to our customer portfolio”, says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security. “It demonstrates the need for strong authentication in work environments. With increasing numbers of remote users needing to access client data, confidential documents, account records and other sensitive information, the issue of security has become a top priority for the business community. The use of authentication for remote access to corporate networks and applications improves data security and allows remote offices and traveling workforce to access their corporate resources and applications from anywhere.”

Founded in 1964, Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products composed mainly of recycled fibres. Cascades employs nearly 13,000 men and women in more than 100 modern, versatile operating units in North America and Europe. Cascades' management philosophy, its 45 years of experience in recycling, and its continued efforts in research and development are strengths which enable the company to create new products for its customers. The Cascades shares trade on the Toronto stock exchange under the ticker symbol CAS.

VASCO is a leading supplier of strong authentication and e-signature solutions and services specializing in Internet Security applications and transactions. VASCO has positioned itself as global software company for Internet Security serving a customer base of approximately 9,500 companies in more than 100 countries, including approximately 1,400 international financial institutions. VASCO’s prime markets are the financial sector, enterprise security, e-commerce and e-government.

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