Consumer electronics giant works with Dealflo

November 7, 2010

Dealflo is working with one of the world’s largest consumer electronics retailers enabling them to offer instant electronic financing solutions both in-store and online on a multi-tenancy basis. For the retailer this offers greater sophistication in the use of financial services (e.g. prime, near-prime, business financing, B2B leasing, B2C leasing, Islamic credit, lay-away etc) – they will be able to automatically match borrowers to lenders with products and packages that match needs, rates that balance risk and a multi-channel process that is transparent and simple for the customer.

Business Benefits:

  • Increased sales - higher take-up rates, higher acceptance rates, higher completion rates, no errors/returned agreements, sales people spend more time selling
  • Decreased costs / risks - ability to add new partners without the need for ePOS integration
  • Better cash-flow - settlement time reduced from 3-4 days to overnight.

According to the retailer’s President of Financial Services “We position Dealflo very much as the foundational component of our full growth strategy to offer a fully inclusive financial services offering”. How does Dealflo help retailers with sales, costs and cash-flow?