Electronic Signatures for Office 2000

July 15, 1999

Silanis Technology electronic approval software, ApproveIt, supports the new MS-Office

Montreal, QC, July 16, 1999 — Silanis Technology Inc. (Montreal, QC, Canada) is pleased to announce that ApproveIt, its leading electronic approval application, is now fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2000. As one of Microsoft's fastest growing Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) for 1999, Silanis recognizes that compatibility with this new software ensemble is essential to its customer base and has worked to ensure that ApproveIt was Office 2000-ready. Officially tested and passed as Office 2000 compatible, ApproveIt for Office is featured on Microsoft's exclusive Office Update web site.

"At Silanis, we pride ourselves on the value our product offers to the enterprise user," says Tommy Petrogiannis, President of Silanis Technology. "ApproveIt's security and automation features allow users to speed business processes and leverage their existing investment in document creation and publishing tools by providing them with a "one pen" solution for the electronic approval of all MS Office and HTML documents."

Together with Office 2000, ApproveIt narrows the communication gap and facilitates communication by allowing knowledge workers to electronically sign, and subsequently access, exchange and share documents at any time and from any place. The prominence of Inter/Intranets indicates the continued global expansion of businesses and the importance of streamlining the process of working with information. Documents approved using ApproveIt can be electronically transmitted from one location to another via e-mail or saved to a secure network or corporate Intranet. Office 2000 provides organizations with the tools they need to create and post information to their Intranet; and now, with ApproveIt's support of Word, Excel and HTML file formats, users can conveniently sign any business document found on such a site, enabling the creation of secure end-to-end electronic processes.

With an increasingly mobile work force, it is not only important for individuals to effortlessly sign, exchange and access critical documents, but for them to do so securely. Employing the functions of Microsoft's CryptoAPI, ApproveIt supports the creation and utilization of digital signatures and certificates for purposes of authentication. Every time a document is electronically approved with ApproveIt, approval information is programmatically embedded within the MS-Office document and travels with it, allowing users to work with, sign or authenticate the document from any location seamlessly. ApproveIt is among the first application-level software products to integrate PKI into a commercial-off-the-shelf solution; and also supports external certificate authorities such as Verisign Inc.

ApproveIt provides users with exceptional security and the ability to safely wire information anywhere around the globe in a matter of minutes. ApproveIt is a cost-effective business application that automates the approval process, thereby facilitating access to and management of information.

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. develops ApproveIt, the industry's first and only multi-signature electronic approval management software. Over 400 organizations use Silanis products in government, business, insurance, medical, and health care sectors, including the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, TRW, Williams Group, Nationwide Insurance, and National City Bank. Silanis software is recognized for its mature feature set, security, ease-of-use, and simple integration.